Snow Leopard Design

Ever since I was young I have been making things – sewing, knitting, making toys and clothes, and anything else I could think of. I learned to knit when I was 10 and knitted many sweaters for myself and my friends. I have since learned other crafts, like jewellery making and mosaic, but I have always come back to my first “love” – sewing.

​I love colours – bold and bright, or soft and muted, they are all beautiful. I enjoy combining them and finding the perfect match: not all greens go together, there are many different blacks, and getting the colours just right is very satisfying. 

​Upcycling lies close to my heart as well. Buying an item of clothing and wearing it once or twice and then discarding it is just not right. Besides, the textile industry is, sadly, one of the largest pollutants in the world today. Making something beautiful out of an unwanted item of clothing makes me happy – I am repurposing discarded woollen sweaters and creating something new.

Other Traders

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We create clothes and accessories for babies, kids and adults. This is the perfect place to find a beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one.

Captured In Bloom

Captured in Bloom sells greetings cards, wrapping paper, prints & more using designs created from pressed flowers.


At Angelchops we are crazy about cake!
We are bonkers about baking and mesmerised by mixing.

Ophelia Braithwaite Jewellery

Ophelia is an artist and jewellery designer/maker working with gold, argentium silver, titanium and specially selected gemstones.