Sues Kitchen

Sue’s Kitchen has been going to festivals with delicious Gluten Free Bubble and squeak for 5 years now.

A good friend of mine gave me the idea because she can’t eat gluten and whenever she went to a festival there was nothing she felt safe to eat. A lot of offers have gluten free items on their menus but because they are prepared alongside dishes that contain gluten the chances of cross contamination are high.

At Sue’s Kitchen all food is made from scratch and contains no gluten. There are no additional sauces that contain gluten either. Therefore there is no chance for any accidental cross contamination.

I recall at one festival I had a lady who was so grateful that her entire family could come to one place and eat freshly made healthy, delicious hot  food… and for once not have to walk miles trying to find something different and safe for her son who usually ended up with packet snacks that they had to bring themselves.

And we all remember eating Bubble and Squeak, fried on the griddle until it’s all brown and crunchy on the outside topped off with delicious stews to keep you all full of bubble and squeaky goodness !!

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